3rd Unifying Borders Internationally through Annual Network (UBIAN) Conference 2024

IT and Engineering in the Digital Age: Addressing the Social and Ethical Implications

August 15-16, 2024, University of Batangas

Batangas City, Philippines.


The 3rd UBIAN Conference 2024 is an international platform that brings together researchers, industry professionals, experts, innovators, educators, and students from diverse fields of information technology and engineering sciences to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and present their latest findings. This conference is an excellent opportunity to:

Showcase Your Research. Share your research work with a global audience and gain valuable feedback from experts.
Expand Your Network. Connect with fellow researchers, academics, and industry professionals from across the globe.
Learn and Collaborate. Attend insightful plenary talks, paper and poster presentations, and mini-lectures from renowned experts and researchers.

The University of Batangas organizes the conference annually through the Office of the Vice President for External Affairs and the Research and Publications Office.


The University of Batangas invites professionals, industry practitioners, researchers, enthusiasts, faculty members, and students to participate in the 3rd UBIAN Conference and submit their scientific papers for oral presentation. This year’s conference theme is “IT and Engineering in the Digital Age: Addressing the Social and Ethical Implications.” This two-day research conference primarily aims to create a synergy of professionals, experts, and research enthusiasts from different local and international industries and institutions of higher learning to discuss the current and emerging issues and trends in the field of Engineering and Technology. To present your research at the conference, your abstract must first pass the blind review. Upon payment of the registration fee, your attendance at the conference will be confirmed. The conference has a virtual presentation option.

1. Re-Engineering Education: Adapting, Co-existing with, and Surviving Technology
2. IT and Engineering: Revolutionizing the Health and Sciences
3. Transformative Learning in Education: Innovations at the Intersection of Technology and Learning
4. Technopreneurship and Innovation
5. The Rising Concerns on Cybersecurity
6. Ethical Consideration on the Use of Technology in Higher Education
7. Emerging Technologies and Engineering
8. Reconciling Humanities and Technology Towards an Improved Society
9. Leadership/Management and Innovation in Technological Advancements
10. Multidisciplinary Approaches in Engineering and Technology
11. Synergy of Mechatronics: Integrating Automation, AI, and Robotics in Innovations
12. Engineering Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure: Advancing SDGs through Innovation
13. Ethics in Data Analytics: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility
14. Green and Sustainable Architecture