Theme: Revitalizing Business and Tourism in the VUCA World through Research and Innovations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the UBIAN CON 2023?
    The UBIAN CON 2023 will be held as a virtual event on February 16 -17, 2023.
  • When will the submission system open for UBIAN CON 2023?
    The submission system dates are as follows:
    Deadline for submission of Abstract is extended until January 27, 2023.
    Deadline for Submission of Final Research Manuscript and Video presentation is extended until February 6, 2023..
  • Who is eligible to participate in UBIAN CON 2023?
    Researchers, faculty members, students, and enthusiasts in the field of business and tourism are encouraged to participate in the UBIAN CON 2023.
  • Are international students eligible to participate in this event? 
    Yes, international students are eligible and encouraged to participate in UBIAN CON 2023

    Abstract Submission/Revision/Withdrawal 
  • What is the application process for those who want to parcipate in the UBIAN CON 2023?
    Professionals, faculty researchers, undergraduate or graduate students may send their abstract to ubianconference2023@ub.edu.ph. Once the abstract is accepted, you will be requested to register for the conference.
  • Does my research need to be completed before I present it?
    Yes. Once the abstract is accepted, the full research paper shall be submitted.
  • Can I submit already published or formerly presented work?
    Yes, UBIAN CON 2023 only allows participants to submit research papers
    which are not previously presented nor published. 
  • How do you select abstracts?
    Abstracts are reviewed for general adherence to disciplinary standards.
  • Can I present research at UBIAN CON 2023 that was recently presented at
    a state or local conference? 
    No. We highly encourage participants to present their recent projects that were not presented elsewhere. 
  • I am not sure what to choose for the field of study. Can you help?
    Please read the entire list of fields before choosing the most appropriate for your research. If concerns remain, we suggest you discuss the appropriate field with your mentor(s). 
  • Is there a format for abstract submissions? Is there a length restriction?
    Yes. There is a 300-word length restriction. Complete instructions and formatting information are provided on the abstract submission page. 
  • Can I attach a table and graph to my abstract?
    No. You should only include text in the abstract. The abstract can summarize the table and graph, but only text can be submitted. 
  • Can I include a reference page in my abstract? If so, will that be counted against us in the word requirement?
    You can leave the references out of the abstract to save space. These can be included in the formal poster. 
  • Can I mail or fax in my abstract?
    No. All abstracts must be submitted using the abstract submission page or via email. If your abstract contains special characters that cannot be typed into the form, you may include a link to a Web version of your abstract.
  • Can I revise my abstract once it is submitted?
    No. Depending on the outcome of the review process, you may be asked to revise after the review. That information will be shared upon abstract decision notification.
  • Can there be more than one submission per participant?
    Yes. Multiple submissions of research are allowed.

    Abstract Format Guidelines
  • What are the Abstract Format Guidelines?
    Guidelines can be found on the homepage of the abstract submission site. 
  • Will there be any form of session judging and/or awards given out to participants who excel in their given session?
    There will be one (1) Best Paper and one (1) Best Presenter to be selected from each session.

  • What will be the registration fees for UBIAN CON 2023?
    The conference is FREE of any registration fees. However, a minimal fee of P200.00 shall be collected from those who wish to get a certificate for CPD purposes.
  • If I am a co-presenter and someone else has submitted the abstract, do I still need to register for UBIAN CON 2023?
    Yes. All presenters and co-presenters must register for UBIAN CON 2023 in order to attend and present.
  • Will there be CPD units to be issued to the presenters?
    The committee is currently in the process of applying for CPD points from the Professional Regulation Commission.